Friday, December 30, 2011

Should Young People of School Age Bother Thinking About a Career

I had a visitor to MeaningfulWork.Com today who asked:

"Have you done anything with students at school or can you recommend any resources?"

Here's what I said:

The average age of my meaningful work clients is 43 with a range of 18 to 64.

However, with most individuals under 30, more life experience is a requisite for choosing their future career. It is a great challenge for young people without life experience to truly know what might suit them for a long-term career, but by the time they reach 30, most have tried enough different things to make a better choice.

Does this mean that young people of school age should not even bother? Of course not, but whateve work is done with them should probably be done in the context of "imagine several different careers you might pursue and learn everything you can about those." Also, they should be alerted to the fact that in today's workforce, most people have several different careers during the span of an average career.

See also my review of the book "Success Without College."

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