Monday, June 6, 2011

Running a Good Business, Book 4: Start-Up and Legal Matters

Now it's time to get down to some of the practical considerations about Running a Good Business. This book is about basic considerations for getting started, including self-assessment regarding your own entrepreneurial strengths and weakness, whether your business idea is a good one, obligations you have to government and regulators, obligations you have to people within and outside your business and several start-up legal matters such as choosing the right business type. 

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Running a Good Business, Book 4: Start-Up and Legal Matters

Ebook By Claude Whitmyer
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: May. 06, 2011
Category: Non-Fiction » Business & Economics » Small business and entrepreneurship
Words: 12631 (approximate)
Language: English

Step-by-step guidance for launching your own small, micro or one-person business. For those who want to do what they love and still pay the bills. This volume focuses on self-assessment for entrepreneurship, legal form of your business and other issues that arise during the launch of a new business.

Book 4 in the series of stand-alone, hands-on guides to managing the ins and outs and ups and downs of starting and growing a small, micro or one-person business driven by personal values and offering the unique lifestyle of self-employment. This volume focuses on start-up and legal issues such as:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Setting The Stage
-Do I have what it takes to start and run my own business?
-Do I have the necessary “tradeskills?"
-Will My Business Idea Work?
-Are there customers?
Chapter 2 Getting It Going
-The Legal Form Of Your Business And Its Tax Implications.
*Choose a Legal Form for Your Business
**Sole Proprietorship
**Corporation (C-Corp and Subchapter S Corp)
**Limited Liability Corporation
**Relative Merits
-Legal Obligations to “The Government.”
*Comply with zoning restrictions.
*Register any name by which you will do business, that isn’t your own legal name.
*Obtain all necessary city and county licenses and permits.
*Register to pay local, state, and federal taxes.
-Obligations To The People You Work With.
*Open A Business Bank Account.
*Set Up A Basic Bookkeeping System (And Plan It For Making Tax Time Efficient).
*Choose The Right Location For Your Business.
*Buy Appropriate Insurance.
*Create A Business Plan.
*Hire Good People.
Chapter 3 Keeping It Going
-Market Widely.
-Set the right price.

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