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Running a Good Business, Book 3: Becoming Values-Focused

This ebook is number 3 in the series of ebooks I'm publishing at Smashwords.Com all about "Running a Good Business." This ebook contains more than 20 exercises to help you clarify your values and assess your own management style to see if you are ready to run a business that integrates your personal values into every aspect of the enterprise.

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Running a Good Business, Book 3: Becoming Values-Focused

Ebook By Claude Whitmyer
Published: May. 28, 2011
Category: Non-Fiction » Business & Economics » Small business and entrepreneurship
Words: 21318 (approximate)
Language: English

Step-by-step guidance for launching your own small, micro or one-person business. For those who want to do what they love and still pay the bills. Third in a series of in-depth guides; this one on the importance of clarifying your values to make the most of your business success.

Book 3 in a collection of stand-alone, hands-on guides to managing the ins and outs and ups and downs of starting and growing a small, micro or one-person business driven by personal values and offering the unique lifestyle of self-employment. This volume focuses on values: clarifying personal values and exploring a values-focused approach to business management. Includes 23 different exercises.

Table of Contents
Becoming Values-Focused
Opening Up to Possibility
Overcoming Initial Challenges
- Cultivating Relaxation
- Setting the Intent
- Disidentifying from Obstacles to Awareness
Self Assessment
- Looking at Life Right Now
- Assessing Your Current Attitude
- Looking at Your Own Rules of Life
Overcoming Inner Obstacles
- Fear and Anxiety
- Looking Resistance in the Eye
- Overcoming Negative Self-Talk
- Overcoming Low Self Esteem
- Strengthening Your Feelings of Confidence
- Reprogramming the Human Biocomputer
Clarifying Personal Values
- Clarifying Your Vision of Life
- The Five Steps to Becoming More Values-Focused
1. Open Up To Limitless Visioning
2. Practice Active Imagination
- Three Questions: Active Imagination in Practice
3. Write Your Own Creative Eulogy
4. Create Your Personal Statement of Purpose
5. Determine Your Personal Goals
- The Twelve Steps To Accomplishing Personal Goals
Making Your Management Style True To Your Values
Food For Thought
- Twentieth Century Management
- Twenty-First Century, Values-Focused Management
- Leadership Skills Of Values-Focused Managers
- Tradeskills That Characterize Values-Focused Managers
- Working With Power

Exercises (23 in all)
Creating a Container for the Work
Setting the Intent
Disidentifying from Obstacles of Awareness
Opening Up to Possibility
Creating a General Guide for Future Work
Assessing Your Current Attitude
Making a Deeper Assessment of Your Attitude
Looking a Life's Rules
Overcoming Negative Self-Talk
The Acknowledgements List
Building Confidence Through Physical and Emotional Action
Building Confidence Through Rational Action
Positive Affirmations
5 Questions to Clarify Your Personal Vision of Life
The Three Questions
Write Your Own Creative Eulogy
Write a Statement of Personal Purpose
What are the three most important goals in your life right now?
20th Versus 21st Century Management
Leadership Skills and Tradeskills
Kinds of Power
Basic Good Business Values
Right Livelihood: Do You Have It?
About the Author

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